Far Away Beyond the Moon Sample Vial 0.6ml




Imagine a perfume that captures the mystery of the moon. It’s possible with the oriental floral scent of Far Away Beyond the Moon Parfum. Get it now and shine your brightest for hours.

Get to know me:
Channel your alluring and mysterious side as you breath in the mesmerising oriental floral notes of Far Away Beyond the Moon Parfum. Crafted by master perfumers Olivier Gillotin and Hernan Figoli, this enchanting scent is infused with Belle de Nuit – a rare white flower that blooms in moonlight.

Balanced by sparkling Water Fruits Accord, baies rose and Blackberry Accord on the nose; hypnotic wild cherry and tuberose at the heart; and milky and addictive Milk Moon Accord, vanilla and sandalwood at the base – this highly concentrated perfume (actually a parfum) for women will leave you glowing long into the night.

Spritz it on to escape the ordinary and watch how this perfume lets you capture the mystery and make it last.

Scent type: An oriental floral fragrance that’s as alluring and intriguing as the rare flower that’s at the heart of it.

Key notes:
Top notes: Watery Fruits Accord, Baies Rose, Blackberry Accord.
Middle notes: Wild Cherry Delight, Belle de Nuit, Tuberose.
Bottom notes: Milk Moon Accord, Upcycled Madagascan Vanilla, Sandalwood Essence.

Why you’ll love me:
• Infused with Belle de Nuit, a nocturnal flower that blooms only in moonlight – adding to its exclusivity.
• This luxury parfum has a higher concentration of fragrance oils – adding to its longevity.
• Key ingredients are responsibly sourced – adding to its sustainability.

How to use me:
• Spritz it on – After showering and getting dressed, spray the perfume on your neck and wrists.
• Leave it alone – Don’t rub the perfume in. Just spray it, leave it alone and let your body heat diffuse the scent.
• Make it last – Use the matching products from the Far Away Beyond The Moon range to make your scent last even longer – or get them all and gift someone special a perfume gift set that will leave them in awe.


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