Encanto Glamorous Body Spray 100ml




Glamorous & captivating.

Get to know me:
A sophisticated and bold chypre floral fragrance to awaken your most glamorous confidence. Discover this unique essence based on notes of the remarkable Jasmine Imperial®, an inebriant night-blooming flower with an scent as powerful as you.

Why you’ll love me:
• This body spray is infused with the finest perfume oils and is created by a master perfumer.
• It delicately refreshes, hydrates and scents your skin.
• The gorgeous scent is long-lasting.

How to use me:
• A few pumps is all it takes to give your skin a long-lasting scent.
• The beautiful scented notes will really radiate your aura and let the real you shine through.
• For a more intense scent, apply Encanto Glamorous Body Lotion before using the spray.


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