Encanto Glamorous Body Lotion Sample 10ml




Inspire all those around you with this glamorous, luxurious, perfume-infused body lotion by Encanto.

Get to know me:
This silky-textured body lotion gives your skin up to 48 hours of pure hydration*. A sophisticated and bold chypre floral fragrance to awaken your most glamorous confidence. Discover this unique essence based on notes of the remarkable Jasmine Imperial®, an inebriant night-blooming flower with an scent as powerful as you.

Why you’ll love me:
• Gives your skin up to 48 hours of hydration for a soft, silky feel.
• Infused with luxurious perfume oils to make you feel extra special.
• Absorbs easily into your skin.

*Based on a clinical study

How to use me:
• Start with a scrub – During your bath or shower, gently exfoliate and smooth your skin with any of our Body Scrubs.
• Layer on the moisture – Massage the body lotion into your skin to hydrate and soften.
• Take it all in – Close your eyes and let the scent of these luxurious perfume oils indulge your senses.


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