Encanto Fascinating Body Lotion Sachet 10ml




Feel special every day with this fine fragrance-infused luxe body lotion by Encanto.

Get to know me:
When a body lotion is infused with precious perfume oils and luxurious ingredients, you better brace yourself for a multi-sensorial treat like no other. Clear the floor for Encanto Fascinating Body Lotion. Infused with fine fragrance notes of jade flower and silky cashmere, this moisturising body lotion will leave your skin feeling silky soft and blissfully scented for up to 48 hours*. It’s time to luxuriate. Are you ready?

Why you’ll love me:
• Gives your skin up to 48 hours of moisture*.
• The lotion absorbs quickly into your skin.
• The luxurious perfume oils make you feel extra special.

*Based on a clinical study

How to use me:
• Rub the lotion in and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it melts into your skin.
• This lotion features an enchanting blend of rare jade flower and silky cashmere that truly indulges your senses.
• After moisturising, spritz on Encanto Fascinating Body Spray for a beautiful scent that lasts all day.


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