EMS Leg Reshaping Foot Massager with Remote Control


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1. Foot massager uses low frequency pulses to promote blood circulation, quickly stimulates your acupuncture point to massage your feet, relax muscles, relieve pain and fatigue, and improve sleep.
2. 6 simulated massage modes: beating, tightening, strengthening, kneading, shaking and relaxing. 9 different intensity levels. This electric foot massager conforms to ergonomics, which can effectively relieve fatigue and relax your body and mind.
3. USB charging: The foot massager uses the USB charging mode and can be used about 20 times with one charge. The easy and comfortable to wear EMS foot massager promotes blood circulation, relaxes the feet, the Achilles tendon and calf muscles, relieves fundamental pain and fatigue and offers you a perfect foot massage experience.
4. Acupuncture stimulation: The acupuncture points in different positions of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. Small electrical pulses to stimulate various acupuncture points can help relieve fatigue in the body. It also helps improve blood circulation and eliminate cellulite in the legs and thighs.
5. Widely used: Our foot massagers are lightweight, foldable, rechargeable, easy to take with you anywhere. Especially suitable for travelers, middle and elderly people, office workers, women who often wear high heels, etc. Relax your feet on a difficult day and get rid of the accumulated fatigue. It is also a discreet gift for friends.


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