Educational Audible Card Reading Toy


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  • 56 Cards Word Card Learning Machine: Insert the word card into the early education device, then there will be a corresponding sound. Volume button makes it easy to change the volume, snooze button makes it easy to learn again, no need to insert the card again.
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL TOYS – Perfect for preschoolers and early readers, teaches essential word recognition. You can recognize objects based on pictures or write corresponding words with the card reading machine. Color images and sound increase children’s interest in learning.
  • Light and comfortable – Small size, no need for WiFi, easy to carry, innocent language spoken with intuitive and interesting images, easy to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • NO SCREEN FOR BETTER EYE PROTECTION: 1-3 years of age is an important stage of baby’s retina development. Screenless design reduces the time the child touches the screen and protects the baby’s eyesight.
  • USB Rechargeable Inclination Toys – Built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery in the reading device makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere. Automatically turns off to preserve battery life.


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