Dust Suction Mite Removal


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Large-area strong double-beating arouses deep worms and bacteria to instantly destroy mites grip and make everything ump out of the surfaces

1. The battery has high energy density and high average output voltage, providing long-lasting power for battery life.

2. The body is made of new uv material, the body weighs only 0.8kg, ergonomic design, easy to use, not tired hands and waist.

3. The use of cold light in the product can achieve the effect of killing mites and bacteria and inhibiting mites. The material is added with silver hydronium antibacterial ingredients to achieve effective anti-mite * anti-mite * sterilization effect!

4. The cyclone dust removal channel design seals allergens, dust mites, and dirt in the dust box, effectively preventing secondary pollution!

5. Blow down from the air outlet of the mite removal device at a 45-degree oblique angle to keep the sheets dry, which can inhibit the regeneration of mites, and smell like the sun.


Material: ABS

Product size: 230mmx195mm

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Charging cable length: 1 m

Rated power supply: charging transformer

Vacuum degree: ≧10Kpa


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