Double-Ended Cuticle Pusher




Nail the perfect manicure every time with our Double Ended Cuticle Pusher.

Get to know me:
We all love a good at-home mani and pedi. It’s therapeutic, gives you much-need me time and saves you a ton of cash. Make sure our Double Ended Cuticle Pusher is in your kit if you want a salon-quality finish. The flat end pushes and shapes your cuticles while the pointed end removes excess cuticle skin, smudged nail polish or leftover nail glue.

Why you’ll love me:
• One tool to shape and trim cuticles with ease.
• Helps prevent dreaded hangnails.
• It’s a necessity for your at-home mani and pedi kit.

How to use me:
• Soak your hands and feet – Immerse your hands and feet in warm water to soften your cuticles.
• Shape and trim – Gently push back cuticles with the flat end of the cuticle pusher and remove any excess skin with the pointed end.
• Repair and protect – Massage our Nail Experts Restoring Cuticle Cream into your cuticles and nail bed to help repair and protect them.


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