Cuticle Nipper




Keep your nail beds in tip-top condition with our Cuticle Nipper.

Get to know me:
Are ragged cuticles and hangnails the bane of your existence? Not for long! Our Cuticle Nipper will expertly trim excess cuticle skin and nip pesky hangnails quick and fast so your nail beds can always look and feel their best.

Why you’ll love me:
• Effortlessly nips excess cuticle skin and hangnails.
• Unique design allows you to cut with precision.
• It’s the perfect addition to your mani and pedi kit.

How to use me:
• Push back cuticles – Use our Wooden Cuticle Pusher to push back your cuticles to enhance the shape of your nails.
• Nip once – Gently place the Cuticle Nipper on the excess skin and nip once.
• Nourish and care – Massage our Nail Experts Restoring Cuticle Cream into your cuticles and nail bed to care for them and prevent further damage.


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