Counterfeit Money Detector with UV Lamp


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The Counterfeit Money Detector is a high-precision dual-violet color with fluorescent anti-counterfeit detection machine that can detect notes, invoices, securities, and other documents with security features. With this device, you’ll never be fooled by false money bills again.

The Counterfeit Money Detector supports a variety of foreign currencies and is capable of detecting watermarks and any other distinguishing marks on the money. It can also be used to verify debit cards, credit cards, passports, stamp papers, and other secured documents.

The Counterfeit Money Detector is compact and portable, making it easy to use and store. It features an energy-saving auto on/off switch and a powerful 15w UV light detector. The device also has a fluorescent light for watermark verification.

The Counterfeit Money Detector is compatible with all currencies and has a power consumption of less than 10W. It has a size of 190 x 130 x 140 mm, making it easy to fit on any desk or counter.

When using the Counterfeit Money Detector, it’s important to practice safety precautions and avoid shining the UV light directly into your eyes.

The Counterfeit Money Detector is an essential tool for businesses, banks, and individuals who handle cash on a regular basis. With its accuracy and ease of use, you can quickly and easily detect counterfeit money bills and protect yourself from financial loss.


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