Cannabis Sativa Oil Cleanser, Hand & Body Balm & Day Cream SPF 30




Calm, glowing skin with Cannabis.

Oil To Milk Cleanser:
Infused with cannabis sativa oil (a non-psychotropic, natural antioxidant that’s kind to your skin), this cleanser magically changes from an oil to a milk to dissolve impurities and make- up with ease, leaving your skin nourished, glowing and non-greasy. It’s also dermatologically tested and suitable all skin types.

• This calming cleanser removes impurities and make-up with ease.
• It’s laced with cannabis sativa oil – nature’s answer to stressed skin.
• The oil-to-milk formula has a lightweight satin texture you can’t help but love.

Hand and Body Balm:
This fast-absorbing cream is enriched with cannabis sativa oil (nature’s answer to stressed out skin) that soothes dryness and itchiness all over. It gets to work right away and leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft as silk.

• It can be used all over so you never have to stress about dry skin again.
• It’s suitable for all skin types so everyone can enjoy the soothing effects of cannabis sativa oil.
• It’s dermatologist tested and fragrance-free.

Day Cream SPF 30:
Instantly smooth and soothe dry, stressed-out skin with this moisturiser. It’s infused with cannabis sativa oil that comforts your skin, leaving it feeling dramatically softer and luminously glowing. Say hello to a lightweight blanket of care for your skin!

• Contains cannabis sativa oil, nature’s answer to stressed out skin.
• The fast-absorbing formula instantly smooths skin that’s on the dry side.
• It’s fragrance-free and dermatologist tested.


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