Buffer Seven Way 175mm


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  • 7-Surface Nail File and Buffer for Naturally Smooth Nails

    Achieve naturally smooth and shiny nails with our 7-surface nail file and buffer. Each surface is uniquely designed with a different level of smoothness, ranging from coarse to fine. The seven surfaces come in seven different colors, and each is numbered to indicate the order of use and function.

    File Your Nails with Ease

    File your nails to the desired shape with ease, whether you prefer them round, square, or oval. The step-by-step process ensures that every surface is used effectively, resulting in smooth and shiny nails.

    Handy and Portable

    Our nail file is compact and portable, making it an ideal tool for on-the-go nail care. Keep it in your handbag for quick touch-ups instead of heading to a nail salon.

    A Good Finishing Tool

    Our nail buffer is a versatile finishing tool that can be used repeatedly. Trim your toenails after clipping your fingernails for a complete at-home nail care routine.

    Invest in our 7-surface nail file and buffer for effortless nail care and achieve naturally smooth and shiny nails.


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