Avon Care Vanishing Face Cream 100ml




Avon Care Vanishing Cream mattifies skin without stripping it off essential moisture and assists in reducing oil build-up on your skin.

Why you’ll love me:
• This face cream is specially formulated for normal to oily skin.
• Instantly gives skin a matte look that lasts for up to 8 hours*
• Skin will feel nourished and moisturised.
• It has a mild and gentle formula that’s suitable for everyday use.

*Based on a consumer study.

How to use me:
• Cleanse your skin with your favourite Avon Care face wash. Remember to use warm water as hot water strips your skin of moisture.
• After cleansing, massage into neck and face area in gentle circular movements till completely absorbed..
• The sun’s rays can dry your skin even further so use an Avon Care Sun+ face cream after applying this moisturiser in the morning.


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