Avon Care Men Hair & Body Wash, Shave Gel, Aftershave Balm & Ocean Surge Hair & Body Wash




Up your grooming routine.

1. Speedy shower: 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner & body wash.
This charcoal-enriched formula cleanses, shampoos and conditions all in one go, saving you time and money… just the way you like it. This power trio also has Active Technology that gives you an invigorating blast of freshness during and after your shower.

2. Smooth shave: Shave gel for a close & comfortable shave.
Formulated with Active Technology that uses vitamin E, ginger, aloe and hematite to smooth, refresh, condition and moisturise skin* – this shave gel is exactly what you need to give you a smooth, close and comfortable shave. It gives you a slick surface for shaving and excellent razor glide to prevent friction; creates a cushion between the razor and your face to prevent cuts; and can be re-activated with a dash of water if you want to repeat your strokes.
*Based on a product development claim

3. Multitasking moisture: Aftershave balm & moisturiser.
Give newly shaved skin the care it needs by adding Avon Care Men Essential 2-In-1 Aftershave Balm & Moisturiser to your daily grooming routine. This mild and gentle multitasking aftershave is formulated with vitamin E, ginger, aloe and hematite that leaves your skin soothed, smooth, refreshed and moisturised after shaving.

4. A refreshing shower: Invigorating shower gel to boost your confidence.
It’s formulated with odour-neutralising fragrance technology that uses notes of citrus and mint to bring a fresh sea breeze scent to your daily shower. Plus, the ingredients of natural origin like sea kelp helps to gently cleanse and soften your skin.


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