Avon Care Intimate Calming Delicate Feminine Wash 250ml




Care for your intimate area with our fragrance-free Avon Care Intimate Calming Delicate Feminine Wash.

About me:
Feel clean and confident whatever your day brings with our Calming Delicate Feminine Wash. It’s formulated to help control intimate feminine odour and give you all-day freshness. Dermatologically and gynecologically tested, the pH-balanced formula is suitable for sensitive skin too.

Did you know?
Using harsh shower gel on your intimate area could cause irritation and discomfort. Avon Care Intimate is gentle, pH balanced and specially designed for feminine hygiene, to help keep you feeling fresh and confident, all day.

Product specification:
• Intimate feminine wash.
• With chamomile extract, witch hazel extract and vitamin E.
• pH balanced, gynaecologically tested and fragrance free.

How to use me:
• Use this wash on your intimate area instead of normal soap to maintain its sensitive pH.
• Cleanse your intimate area and then rinse off when you’re done.
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