Avon Care Derma Recovery+ Repairing Body Lotion & Hand Cream




Relieve severely dry, sensitive skin.

Body Lotion:
Cold temperatures, indoor heating and environmental aggressors can suck the moisture out of your skin, causing it to become severely dry, rough, itchy and flaky. Give your skin the relief and recovery it needs with Avon Care Derma Recovery+ Repairing Body Lotion. Formulated with our exclusive Hydroprotective Technology that uses a unique blend of natural emollients to counteract the deficiencies of dry skin*, this scientifically developed and dermatologist tested body lotion supplements your skin’s own oils* to triple your skin’s moisture on application** and keep it locked in for up to 72 hours**.

The result… Instant relief of itchiness, roughness and redness caused by severely dry skin***, and an improvement in your skin’s natural barrier to prevent further moisture loss**.

*Based on a product development claim
**Based on a clinical claim
***Based on a consumer science claim

Hand Cream:
Give extra dry, sensitive skin instant relief and all-day moisture with Avon Care Derma Recovery+ Repairing Hand Cream. Infused with a concentrated restoring emollient blend, this dermatologically tested, fragrance-free hand cream helps provide soothing relief for chapped skin and keeps it moisturised all day to prevent it from drying out even further.


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