Avon Care Cocoa Butter Hand Cream 75ml




Constant washing, sanitising and the onslaught of environmental aggressors can really dry out your hands. Infuse it with moisture by using Avon Care Cocoa Butter Softening Hand Cream.

Get to know me:
Enriched with cocoa butter, this hand cream treats your skin to all-day moisture to relieve dryness and give your hands a softer, smoother feel. Cocoa butter is known for its rich emollient properties, high fatty acid content, moisture-barrier protecting and divine scent… throw vitamin E into the mix and your hands will bask in the restoration and softness it deserves.

Why you’ll love me:
• This cream is specially formulated for dry to extra dry hands.
• It infuses skin with a nourishing blend of cocoa butter and vitamin E.
• Your skin will feel deeply moisturised, softer and smoother.

How to use me:
• Squeeze out a little and rub it all on your palms, on the back of your hands and in-between your fingers.
• Pop it in your bag and reapply when you’re on the go, especially after washing your hands.
• Take care of extra dry, rough, cracked and itchy skin on your whole body by using Avon Care Nourishing with Cocoa Butter Body Lotion too.


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