Attraction for Her Body Spray 90ml




A fragranced body spray infused with Attraction, a sweet fruity scent to enhance your undeniable passion.

Get to know me:
Designed to spark attraction and create a magnetic pull between you and the person you desire, this woody, fruity and musky body spray is filled with irresistible notes of tempting blackberry, mysterious orchid and vanilla amber, a blend that will certainly entice and attract.

Scent type: A woody and fruity blend with a powerful Magnetic Musk Accord.

Key notes:
Top notes: Blackberry.
Middle notes: Orchid, Musk.
Bottom notes: Vanilla Amber.

How to use me:
• Spray and dress – Spray it all over your body after showering and before getting dressed.
• Touch up on the go – Pop it in your bag and add a spritz or two throughout the day.
• Add another layer – To really heighten your scent, use the matching Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum on your neck and wrists as well.

24-Hour* Deodorant Protection.

*Based on a deodorant efficacy test


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