Attraction Awaken for Her Eau de Parfum & Body Lotion




Awaken your passion with Attraction Awaken for Her Eau de Parfum.

Get to know me:
Re-find your fire with a seductive scent made to reawaken your passion – feel the flutters, all over again, with a Passion Potion Accord filled with racy leather, amber musks and rum-soaked woods.

Scent type: Oriental woody scent to ignite your fire.

Key notes:
Juicy blackcurrants.
Sensual black tuberose.
Powerful Passion Potion Accord.

Product Specification:
• Crafted by world-renown perfumers, intensified by AI technology*
• The seductive oriental woody notes will reawaken your passion.
• This passionate scent lasts for up to 8 hours**.

*Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists master perfumers in identifying ingredients and combinations that help deliver more sensory impact. **Based on a consumer study

How to use me:
• After showering or bathing and drying off, massage the matching body lotion all over your body for a sensually soft touch and desirable scent.
• Perfume your pulse points – Spritz on pulse points like your wrist or neck. These areas give off extra heat and help your scent to develop faster.


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