Arching Relieve Sheer Flight Socks


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Flight socks are an essential item for anyone traveling long distances. These socks are specifically designed to effectively relieve tired and aching legs and swollen ankles, which are common circulation problems that can occur during air travel.

The cramped conditions, reduced air pressure, and dehydration associated with long flights can exacerbate these issues. In more severe cases, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can develop, which is a blood clot that forms in the deep leg veins.

By improving blood flow, flight socks help to prevent these problems. It is important to always wear both socks and ensure they are pulled up to just below the knee. A detailed information leaflet is included in the pack, which provides more information on how to use and care for the socks.

Simply wear the flight socks in place of normal socks throughout your entire journey to experience their benefits. Keep the information leaflet for future reference and ensure you have a comfortable and safe flight with flight socks.


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