Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream 15ml




We’ve got the best anti-ageing eye cream to restore younger-looking eyes instantly – Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream. Get it now.

Get to know me:
In the market for the best eye cream to instantly blur and brighten your eye area, eliminate wrinkles, and give you a less puffy and more wide-awake look*? Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream is the one.

This age-defying eye cream is powered by exclusive, award-winning Protinol™ Technology** that helps restore years of collagen loss and deliver a dual-collagen boost – the secret to skin’s baby-like bounce – for firmer, smoother-looking skin. It’s also formulated with Light Diffusion Technology that optically reflects light away from imperfections to help improve its appearance instantly.

It also feels lightweight and absorbs easily… the benefits are endless. We’ve got a feeling… your skincare game is about to meet its match.

Why you’ll love me:
• Instantly blurs and brightens your entire eye area*.
• The skin around your eyes will look less puffy, fresh and well rested*.
• Dramatically smooths and reduces wrinkles; and intensely hydrates*.

*Based on a consumer science claim
**Protinol Technology is one of Avon’s many skincare breakthroughs. With 135 years at the forefront of beauty, it’s also the first beauty company to use stabilised retinol and introduce stabilised vitamin C in serums

How to use me:
• This eye cream pairs perfectly with Anew Renewal Power Serum so get both for the best anti-ageing results.
• After cleansing, dot half a pea-sized amount of the cream around the eye contour area, above and below the eyes. Massage it in with the specially designed applicator, using a light and outward sweeping motion.
• After using the eye cream, massage one pump of the serum all over your face and neck. Follow with your Anew day or night cream.


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