Anew Lifting Peel-Off Silver Mask 75ml




Peel to reveal the smoother, firmer and most luminous* skin of dreams with our Anew Lifting Silver Peel-Off Face Mask.

About me:
Is your skin succumbing to the effects of life, time and gravity? Treat it to the resilience and strengthening power of platinum** – found in Anew Lifting Silver Peel-Off Face Mask. Formulated with real platinum pearl extract that’s known for its strength, resilience and luminosity – this peel-off face mask will help lift out dirt and impurities; remove dry flakes; minimise pores; refine your skin’s texture**; and give your skin a firmer, toned and more revitalised look and feel*.

Are you ready for smoother skin and a complexion that shines as bright as your favourite metal? 20 minutes is all it takes.

Product Specification:
• Specially formulated for skin that’s showing signs of ageing.
• The infusion of platinum extract gives skin a lifted look and luminous glow.
• Dermatologist tested.

*Based on a consumer science claim
**Based on a product development claim

How to use me:
• Layer it on – Apply a thin layer to cleansed, dry skin. Steer clear of your delicate eye area and hairline.
• Wait a while – Sit back and relax for about 20 minutes while it dries completely.
• Peel it off – Peel it off slowly to lift out impurities. Alternate weekly between this and the Anew Youth Maximising Sheet Mask for youthful-looking, glowing skin.


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