Anew Dual Defence Clarifying Treatment Lotion Sachet 2ml




Feel in control of your skin again with this salicylic acid-powered, anti-ageing treatment by Anew.

About me:
Fight spots and signs of ageing at the same time with Anew Dual Defence Clarifying Treatment Lotion. Formulated with Biotics Complex and salicylic acid that helps rebalance skin’s surface microbiome, this lotion visibly improves the appearance of blemishes, post-blemish marks, uneven skin tone and skin texture. Use it daily and your skin will look beautifully matte and smooth*. Let’s show spot-prone adult skin who’s boss!

Product Specification:
• Helps give your complexion a clearer and more youthful look.
• It’s an effective treatment for blemishes and signs of ageing.
• Suitable for both oily and sensitive skin types.

*Based on a consumer study with 151 participants

How to use me:
• Start a blemish-fighting routine – First wash your face with our Anew Purifying Jelly Cleanser.
• Buff away – Exfoliate dead skin cells with our Anew Dual Defence Resurfacing Pads.
• Treat your skin – As the final step, gently massage this blemish lotion into your skin.


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