Anew Brightening Dual Eye System 20ml




Say goodbye to dark circles with Anew’s brightening and colour- correcting two-step eye moisturiser.

About me:
The colour-correcting day cream uses special pigment technology to instantly brighten shadows, while the soothing night gel with organic marine algae extract helps reduce the cause of dark circles. Both are non-greasy and non-sticky, absorbing quickly into your skin. This dark circle corrector is also formulated with our exclusive and award-winning Protinol™ Technology** that gives your delicate eye area a dual-collagen boost for a brighter look and a hydrated, smoother feel.

Product Specification:
• Helps reduce the look of dark circles in just 2 days.
• Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.
• Suitable for contact lens wearers.

*Based on a consumer trial
**Protinol Technology is one of Avon’s many skincare breakthroughs. With 135 years at the forefront of beauty, it’s also the first beauty company to use stabilised retinol and introduce stabilised vitamin C in serums

How to use me:
• Start your day right – Apply the colour-correcting cream under your eyes each morning. The skin here is delicate, so be gentle.
• Complete your night-time routine – Before bed, apply the soothing night gel. Use your ring finger to pat it in to avoid applying too much pressure.
• Embrace eye care – Starting to see wrinkles? You might also like our Anew Instant Eye Smoother.


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