Advance Techniques Loss Control Leave-In Treatment Spray 100ml




Restore your hair back to its former glory with this biotin and caffeine-infused hair loss treatment by Advance Techniques.

Get to know me:
This paraben-free treatment spray is formulated with Biotin-Caffeine Complex that helps strengthen your hair and rebalance your scalp’s moisture, leaving your hair feeling healthier and softer. It also fortifies your roots, enhances cell renewal* and stimulates circulation to help prevent further hair loss.

Why you’ll love me:
• It’s formulated with biotin and caffeine that helps strengthen your hair.
• It’s perfect for thinning hair that’s prone to breakage.
• The spray formula makes it easy to apply.

*Based on testing in skin cells

How to use me:
• To apply, spray this treatment lightly onto your scalp and massage it in.
• Spray it all over your hair as well and do not rinse it out.
• When you’re done, style it as usual. If you plan on using heat-styling tools, spritz on a bit of Advance Techniques Heat Protection Leave-In Spray first.


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