7 Colors LED Showerhead


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The Colour Changing LED Shower Head is a multifunctional and eco-friendly shower head that offers adjustable water pressure settings and displays the water temperature through its LED light. It has five types of water flow, including saturating spray, massage spray, dot massage spray, saturating spray & massage spray, and saturating spray & dot massage spray. The ceramic white spray face is easy to install and doesn’t require batteries.

The shower head also has a 4 stage temperature-sensitive LED light that changes color according to the water temperature. The colors include blue (below 25°c), green (25,6°c – 35°c), red (35°c – 45°c), and flashing red (above 45.6°c).

With a hydraulic pressure of 0.14MAP – 0.56MAP and a water flow rate controller that starts at 2.50gpm down to 0gpm, the water consumption does not exceed 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per minute at 80psi water pressure. The shower head is made of ABS Chrome and is CE & RoHS compliant.

Overall, the Colour Changing LED Shower Head is an excellent choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly and functional shower head with adjustable water pressure settings, temperature display, and multiple water flow options.


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