6L + 6L Golden Burner Double Tank Commercial Grade Gas Deep Fryer


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Style and Functionality come together with this 12Liter Deep Fryer.
The frame is lightweight due to the shredded design which takes nothing away from its structural integrity but makes the deep fryer aesthetically enticing and functional.
These Deep Fat Fryers are designed to create a delicious variety of crisp fried food with minimum fuss. Delight your customers with french fries, chicken, fish, seafood, etc.
These fryers will efficiently fry a wide variety of food products
Ideal for use in restaurants, canteens, takeaways, and outdoor caterers
Double pan allows separation of foods, and flexible and economical use (use both when busy, one when quiet)
Stainless Steel wire baskets
2 x 6 Litre oil capacity
Reaches frying temperatures fast
Recovers to operating temperature quickly between loads
The tube-style design allows for more efficient heating
Night Covers

What’s in the box
1 x 6L + 6L Commercial Gas Fryer
2 x Fryer Baskets
2 X Fryer Basket Handles
2 x Fryer Basket Lids
2 x 6L Oil Tanks


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