66 SMD LED Solar Sensor Light


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Illuminate your outdoor space with ease with the 66 SMD LED Solar Sensor Light. This high-quality solar-powered light offers a range of features and instructions for optimal use:

  • Powered by a solar panel, the built-in battery charges during the day for bright illumination at night.
  • For best performance, charge the light for several hours in direct sunlight before first use.
  • To maintain battery function, charge the light in direct sunlight for one day every month if not in use for an extended period.
  • Weather and installation location may affect charging time and efficiency, so use the light in good weather for optimal charging.
  • The light features a power switch that can be turned off when exposed to sunlight or other light sources to prevent unnecessary illumination.
  • Place the light in an area with effective light to ensure the solar panel can fully absorb sunlight and extend the light’s working time.
  • Adjust the angle and direction of the light for optimal performance, and install the light at a height of 2-3m for best results.
  • Conserve battery power during short sunshine periods by using the light in mode 1 during winter or low sunlight periods.

Experience the convenience of outdoor lighting with the 66 SMD LED Solar Sensor Light.


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