4 Step Sauna Belt


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Introducing the 4 Step Sauna Belt, the perfect solution for removing excess water retention in your abdominal body, and achieving a perfect figure. With its comfortable design, you can wear it while watching your favorite TV program, or exercising, and let the flab simply melt away.

This belt comes in four different sizes to ensure the best fit:

  • First step: Waistline 70-75cm
  • Second step: Waistline 65-69cm
  • Third step: Waistline 60-64cm
  • Fourth step: Waistline 54-59cm

In addition, it can also be used as a girdle or corset for shaping your body.

The package includes 1 x Japan 4 Step Weight Loss Fat Burner Body Shaper Waist Slimming Belt. To use, simply choose the zip that fits you best, and wear for 3-4 hours. Hand wash with lukewarm water (30?) and dry in a cool, dry place. Get ready to achieve the perfect figure you’ve always wanted with the 4 Step Sauna Belt!


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