4 Handy Lux Lamps


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Handy Lux bulbs are ideal for brightening dark, hard-to-reach spaces. With a 1-meter long cord, hang your bulbs with a simple knot and adjust them to the height of your choice.

All of this can happen anywhere: pipes, stairs, dressings, but also outside! on a tree branch, an umbrella, a bush, or a shed These bulbs can be used indoors and outdoors and have the advantage of not only lighting your spaces but also decorating them thanks to their bright and attractive colors. yellow, orange, magenta, and green

The Handy Lux Bulbs are powered by batteries.so you can carry them around and change them easily. Simply pull the light bulb down, and it will come on instantly.

You can put your fingers on it and turn them on and off as you like. Weighing less than 80 grams, Handy Lux bulbs are very light and easy to handle. It is an ideal accent light to illuminate places such as an attic, a cellar, a dressing room, a dark stairwell, or any other place devoid of electricity.

No connection is needed to operate them. Handy Lux bulbs are covered with an unbreakable polypropylene material with a frosted surface. Because of the properties of this material, the light is then diffused, resulting in beautiful, warm, and luminous lighting in the room.

In addition, these bulbs will allow you to save energy because they do not use electricity.


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