360° Rotating 2 in 1 Electric Duster Remover


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  • This versatile electric duster is designed to collect and remove dust and debris, making cleaning a breeze.

    With our 2 in 1 Electric Feather Duster, you can enjoy these key features:

    Dual-function design: This electric duster is equipped with both dust collection and dust removal functions, providing you with the flexibility to tackle any cleaning task. Spinning action: Our duster’s spinning action ensures that dust and debris are swiftly collected and removed. Easy to use: Our electric duster is user-friendly, allowing you to clean with ease and efficiency. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas: Its compact design makes it perfect for cleaning narrow gaps and tight spaces, such as between doors.

    Here are the specifications of our 2 in 1 Electric Feather Duster:

    Color: White Material: Plastic

    Don’t wait any longer to achieve a clean and dust-free home or office! Order your 2 in 1 Electric Feather Duster today from our online store based in South Africa.


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