300kg Portable Mini Crane Hanging Scale


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The Mini Crane Scale is a high-quality weighing device designed for measuring weights under 300kg. This device is built with SMT technology and a dedicated weighing load cell, which ensures long-term stability and accuracy. It features 3 weighing modes: Kg, LB, and N, which allow for multiple uses.

The Mini Crane Scale is built with a 23mm large LCD display with a backup light for convenient use. It also has a stainless steel load receptor and an aluminum alloy casting case, which provide better safety and durability. Additionally, it has an auto power-off function, which helps to conserve the battery life.

This scale is certified for quality and is ideal for use in industries that require precise weighing, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. It is also suitable for use in warehouses, shipping docks, and other industrial environments. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the Mini Crane Scale is a valuable addition to any workplace.


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