2 Layer Multifunctional Jewellery Box


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Jewellery Storage Box

The main purpose of the jewellery box is to maintain the long-lasting effect of the new jewellery, such as dust and particles in the air, to prevent corrosion and wear on the surface of the jewellery, and to collect. Jewelry enters space.

Large capacity can store more jewellery or a small amount of cosmetics. A collection of jewellery displays, all cosmetics/jewellery are in it, and the jewel box looks clean and elegant.

You don’t have to worry about carrying and moving jewellery boxes.

The jewellery box is very cute and is divided into sections that can be arranged the way you want. Great for your small collection. It is convenient for traveling or carrying out jewellery at home.

Can be used as jewellery box, a dish for sweets/snacks etc


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