10 in 1 Baby care kit


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Introducing our comprehensive NEWBORN BABY CARE KIT SET, specially designed for new parents to ensure their little ones are healthy and happy. Our kit contains all the essentials you need to keep your newborn clean, comfortable, and safe.

Included in our kit are a traditional thermometer and a digital thermometer for easy and accurate readings. Medicine syringes are also included to assist with measuring and administering the correct dosage of medicine for your baby’s needs.

Our soft baby brush and blunt end comb are perfect for gently cleaning and caring for your baby’s delicate head. The safeguard clippers are designed to protect your baby’s skin while trimming their nails.

For nasal hygiene, our kit features a nose suction cleaner and nose tweezers to gently remove any excess mucus from your baby’s nose.

With our NEWBORN BABY CARE KIT SET, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have all the essential tools at your fingertips to provide the best possible care for your newborn.


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